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The Stranger

The Stranger by the duo, Robert Diel and Maxence Parache, is a bespoke interactive installation, which explores our relationship with online anonymity. The installation is an immersive, interactive experiment brought to life by open source technologies and physical computing. The piece critiques the illusion of anonymity on the Internet and how easily personal information is available.“It’s all about daring and discovering this giant face as you move forward.” Parache says.

As you approach the interactive social experiment, a virtual giant face stares at you out of the darkness. As you get nearer, Facebook status updates are projected while people’s names and their Facebook connections are displayed at the side, and live public information that’s freely and easily available on the web pours forth from this digital entity. As you move forward and get nearer, the sounds and visuals intensify and for more user-centered experience, you can also experience the gossipy ways of the internet by entering your name on your phone via an app and listen out for the installation to whisper it.


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