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To many people who have never grappled with addiction, it can be difficult to comprehend the desperate desire to use, even after so many years sober. Bangkit (‘wake up’ in Malay language) is an interactive video installation about battling addiction in a metaphorical way. The film is divided into 3 parts which tells the different stages that drug addicts went through to break away from addiction. The installation's space is divided into 3 zones and each zone has an assigned distance monitored by a motion sensor. The audience's interaction is part of the narrative where they need to take a step forward to reveal the next scene, showing (metaphorically) that we need to move forward in order to change.



Creative Direction : Ashraf Saifullah
Camera Operator : Ashraf Saifullah & Takanori Yashiro
Editor & Sound Design : Ashraf Saifullah
Programming : Ashraf Saifullah & Nicolas Marechal


With a big thank you to:
Nicolas Marechal, Biggles, Joel Karamath, LCC's Interaction and Moving Image 2014 students, and my family and friends in Malaysia.

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